17 May 2012

What To Do When The Cosmos Comes Kicking

You know when stuff suddenly happens out of the blue, and you know it’s stuff that you should have paid attention to earlier but didn’t and now the Cosmos is giving you a kick up the bum to get your act together?  This week the Cosmos has been kicking hard. 

Someone I haven’t seen for two years walked into the shop - the fabulous Julie, who is an IT professional and who assures me that she can help me put together an eShop attached to this Blog site.  And the very next day someone else who I haven’t seen for two years but who can help me turn my ideas for the branding of the eShop into a reality - the fabulous Julz, also walked into the shop.  And I had my ideas ready and waiting, so she’s gone off with my amateur-hour drawings to see if she can turn them into the spiffy end-product that’s in my mind’s eye.  And a few days later someone I see all the time - the fabulous Kim, also walked into the shop.  Not such a dramatic entrance as Wow I haven’t seen you for two years!, but still a welcomed sight, and Kim told me she could help me get a Facebook business page launched. 

So hurrah for technically literate women turning up en masse and shirt-fronting me about getting my electronic act together and okay Cosmos, I’m listening and shall work towards an eShop sooner than later.  A website will come in due course, but in the meantime whenever I have spare cash it goes towards the next buying trip, and Blog shops and Facebook shops are significantly cheaper than full-on websites.

On the downside, trying to get a business page up and running on Facebook sucks!  Whoever said this was easy?  I know I am a techno-numpty, but really it’s not very easy to get a business page operational and looking nice, so the ever patient Kim has gone away to think about how we can best get it done, in a way that someone like me (techno-numpty) can maintain without becoming bald through repeated hair-tearing.

And while I’m bitching about websites like Facebook presuming a certain level of technical knowledge that I in no way possess, who knew you could do so much with a Blog shop?  Not me, and I gained zero insight via Blogspot’s tutorial pages, so thank goodness someone who knows what she’s talking about came back into my life.

In defence of my slackness on the eShop issue, I had created this Blog and so have something for Julie to work with.  And I had drawn up my ideas for branding and so have something for Julz to work with.  And I’ve got plenty of nice things to photograph in the shop and so have way too much for Kim to work with.  So I haven't been entirely inert, just mostly.  I have been in danger of being left behind on the techno-literacy front, and in fact I suspect I have been well and truly left behind, so now I have a whole lot of catching up to do.  Or I could just hire someone, I suppose.  It might come to that, but for now we shall proceed with caution and see what us gels can come up with.  As soon as I have a Facebook and/or Blog shop it will be announced here first, naturally.

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