24 August 2012

Pussy(cat) Riot

When Calypso is not available Artemis makes a
fine cushion as well ....
It was Artemis and Caleb as the Manager and Trainee Manager in the shop on Sunday, and the results were as you might expect – they both immediately seized the Manager’s chair and I got to stand.  It’s easy to evict one moggie back to their spot on the desk, but two just don’t comfortably fit on the spot so I relented.  Again.  I know, I’m a sucker.  And they know it too.  And I know they know.  And now we all know.

.... she really is quite comfortable ....
Mischka was Thursday Manager, as usual, and she was much admired, as usual.  She expects everyone will want to meet her, and naturally will love her, and she is always right.  She does make photographing stock for the website a challenge, though, because when she’s awake she insists on being in the middle of everything.  So the trick is to run around while she’s asleep and move things quietly so she doesn’t wake up and come to ‘help’.
I love Artemis.
It’s Calypso and Caleb in the shop today, which is a big deal because on Fridays it’s somewhat more than a two hour shift so I needed to have them both in a cooperative mood.  Kim from Catwalk Bengals (where they were both born) came by to give Caleb his next lot of vaccinations, and I want her to see Calypso too.  Surely you can rely on a couple of ratbags who are 11 months and 3 months old respectively to cooperate and behave, right?  No wrestling in the shop.  No playing chasey in the shop.  No ambushing each other in the shop.  And no wriggling about for optimum bodging position while on my lap in the shop.  Yeah, right.  So that’s gone about as well as you would expect, and I’m hanging out for closing time and madly writing this while they are both momentarily asleep.  If only I could type more quietly, because I really don’t want to wake them up.
Mischka inserting herself into a photo
shoot for stock on the website

It's hard work causing mayhem,
so time for a snooze ....

 Still snoozing ....

A young woman came up to my desk and looked at Calypso (snoozing) and said Ha, that doesn’t even look real.  She was dissing my stuffed toy cat.  But then my stuffed toy cat moved, which made her jump backwards and go bright red, because Ha, it is real, lady.  I said I think you need to reconsider your concept of reality, to which she said Wot?  Your idea of what’s real and not real, I said.  She frowned and said nothing, though of course by then we were getting way too existential when all she wanted to do was insult my stuffed toy cat.  Include a bit of intellect with your insults when you visit me, everyone!  Dazzle me with your biting wit!  Bring it on!  I promise you I’ll fight back and what fun we’ll have.

We had a scare with Calypso this week.  I knew she was off-colour and not improving so we took her to the vet.  You know how you just know when there’s something wrong with your pets, even when it’s not apparent what it is?  It turned out that she had a high temperature for no observable reason, so he admitted her because he wanted to take blood to run every conceivable test plus check her throat and mouth.  I didn’t expect her to be admitted – I thought she’d get some antibiotics and then I’d have the fun of giving her tablets for a few days - so I was very anxious and upset to be leaving her behind.

And then, fancy this - the vet rang later in the day and said Do you want the good news or the bad news?  I immediately felt ill and my stomach dropped – it was a real physical reaction. The good news was that she is in excellent condition and he could find nothing wrong with her, except we knew something was wrong due to her spike in temperature. The bad news was that he had nothing to report because he could find nothing wrong with her.  Ha, ha, I was not amused at his little joke.  So she had an antibiotics injection – so much better than the Hold the Big and Objecting Bengal Down to Shove a Tablet Down Her Throat fun and games I was expecting – and the vet thinks it’s a low level virus that she will get over soon.  And already she seems better than she was, so I expect this was the correct diagnosis.
.... ahh, waking up refreshed
and ready to start again.
When she came home Calypso was still wobbly on her feet and smelt bad – like a vet’s hospital.  Everyone hissed at her and ran away, and she hissed right back at them and didn’t want to know anyone.  I quarantined her in the bathroom with lots of bedding and food and water, and left her to recover for a few hours. 

But she wasn’t quarantined enough, as far as Mischka was concerned, and she had a total hissy-fit-melt-down over Calypso’s new smell - her reaction was really was quite ridiculous.  Mischka hates, hates, HATES all change, and not only did Calypso smell different and horrible (change 1) she then had a good wash and went back to smelling like herself again (change 2).  Change and change-back was just too much to deal with for Mischka.  A great deal of growling and snarling and grumbling went on, and that was just her talking to herself as she walked through the lounge-room without another cat in sight!  She really went ballistic when she spotted another cat, so everyone kept clear of her and even Caleb had enough sense to get swiped at only once.  She’s a funny thing, and is going to make a magnificent grumpy old lady one day.  But then she got over herself and went back to schmoozy and purry and happy to cuddle with everyone again, so we’re back to being a happy family again.
Token picture of stock I, seeing how
this is meant to be a blog
about antiques
So yes, I’ve been fixated on the antics of the moggies this week – our very own apolitical, unRussian and non-prosecutable Pussy Riot - but I have still been doing a bit of work for the shop.  Kind of.  It’s three and a half weeks until we head off on the next buying trip, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so disorganized before a trip.  But I have the Play Days in Bangkok, France and England sorted, so that’s a good start.  And I know where we’ll be on most shopping days, even if I haven’t got the accommodation organized yet.  And money – what money?  I don’t think we’ve ever been this broke before a trip, either.  September is our biggest month as far as bills are concerned, but hopefully after paying the GST and yet another rent payment we’ll be back on top and able find something left over to go shopping with.

Doug reminds me that as I am (supposed to be) a professional shopper, I should be able to find plenty of good things on a shoestring budget.  And I always do, but I just don’t like the pressure of having no choice but to find utter bargains.  Lucky I have so much practice by now it shouldn’t be a problem so I’m not sweating it.  Yet.
Token picture of stock II - some rare and very beautiful extra large cobalt blue poison bottles


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