23 January 2014

Special Announcement!

Visit me! I will not terrorize your dog.  Well only a bit. 

For everyone who has missed him, on Saturday 25 January 2014 Caleb will be making a Special Guest Appearance at Oople, the nice little shop a few doors down from our old shop in Eumundi.

Oople's address is Shop 7, 77 Memorial Drive, Eumundi (Queensland).

Caleb will be there to meet and greet, be admired and terrorize passing mutts from 8am to about 9am.  If I let him stay for longer he’ll run amok and start being naughty – never a good idea in someone else’s shop.  

English Aesthetic Era ceramic jardiniere.
So if you have a chance, do come by to say hello.  You’ll be amazed at how he’s grown.  He’s a big, beautiful boy, that’s for sure, and he's grown up to be real sweetie.

As for us, we will again be at the Caloundra Street Fair, in Bulcock Street, on Sunday 26 January.   

We had a seriously good time during our first outing at Caloundra – banjo buskers notwithstanding (see my last post for details).  This time we shall have our tables level so more nice Art Deco glass can come out, and we’ll see how it goes.  

Pate Pots are not just for pate.
Last time at Caloundra we sold a great deal of our French vintage copper, wooden boards, enameled kitchenware, vintage dominos sets, and some nice ceramics.  

In fact, we’re now down to one giant Jamie Oliver board and one round wooden board.  I thought I had bought enough of these boards to last us the year, but it looks like we're not going to last until the end of January.  We have only four antique glass pate pots left - and I bought 34 of them!  It's interesting what people have been using the pate pots for - some for actual pate, but many people put tea candles in the bottom, some use them as vases (including us, as you can see), pencil holders, and I even saw that a food stylist in a magazine had used them to serve stylish entrees - I'm stealing that idea.

A romantic picture I'll be offering soon. 
We have sold so much of our vintage kitchenware that we are currently doing our sums and seeing what money we can scrape together for a possible buying trip in March/April.   

We still have plenty of lovely glass and ceramics, mostly because I haven’t opened those boxes yet.  We’ve been getting through the kitchenware so fast I’ve been flat out getting those pieces ready for presentation and have neglected the other boxes.  So this would be a quickie trip, designed purely to stock up on kitchenware. 

Thank goodness we have an understanding builder, who is used to us not spending our money on him.  But we will!  We’ll get there with the house, just more slowly than originally planned.

More on a possible buying trip soon, but in the meantime come by on Saturday 25 January, if you can, to say hello to Mr Purry Puss.

Caleb in a Cosmo Centrefold pose.  He's put on a bit of weight since this photo (alas, haven't we all?) but there is no doubt about his general gorgeousness.

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