15 June 2012

We have a Website!

Okay it’s a seriously short instalment this week, but it’s action packed.  What a big week we’ve had.  Firstly, it’s been a long time coming but at last we have a Website.  As I’ve mentioned in earlier Blogs, we’ve decided to start off small but update it with new things every week – on Sundays or Mondays (haven’t decided yet) – so it will grow a lot over time.

So you can now visit us at www.chequeredpastantiquevintageretro.com   Let’s see how dipping our toes into the 21st century works out.  Please email me if you spot anything amiss on the Website, because you know I am not technically literate so I might not have gotten it exactly right yet.

The second big news is that we’ve bought a new bebe.  Yes, I know, we don’t need another cat.  But aw shucks, isn’t he cute?  Too cute to resist, in fact.  His name is Caleb and he’s 2.5 weeks old right now, so he won’t take his place as the Trainee Shop Manager for a while, but he should start duty in early August.  He’s Calypso’s half-brother, and on his father’s side he has a more wild heritage than she does, so goodness knows what we’re in for.  Actually I do know – Pandemonium at our place will step up into Utter Pandemonium.  But the Gang is such good fun and very social and affectionate pussycats, so we’re not complaining.  Much.   

I’m hoping that Caleb’s introduction will be as painless as Calypso’s was, but they’re all good natured so I don’t expect too many conniptions.  Except from Mischka, whose little grey nose will no doubt be well and truly out of joint.  When Calypso joined us Mischka didn’t purr for a week and every time she caught sight of me or Doug there was lots of yowling and growling and grumbling as we heard at length about how unhappy she was.  No matter how much reassurance or how many cuddles we gave her, she wasn’t having it.  But then she got over it, and now she and Calypso are terrific friends who snuggle up together and play chasey and wrestle-mania at every opportunity.  Calypso is now bigger than Mischka (even though Mischka is two years older) so Mischka has to undertake particularly clever ambushes in order to win their encounters.

And finally, in Breaking News, Customs and Quarantine has released a good deal of our new shipment after only a week!  This is prompt service is unprecedented, and because I was expecting their usual slackness I’m not ready.  And hey I’m happy to receive professional service, but bugger because now I’ve got a bit of urgent work in the next few days to get the description and price tags ready for the first lot to go on show on Unpack Day.  Naturally, all the boxes I had anticipated that Quarantine would release first – and for which I have pre-prepared the description and price tags - have not yet been released, so now I’m in a tizz of activity to get tags done for the stock I haven’t yet considered.

Unpack Day will be next Tuesday (19 June) and it should be good fun.  The shop will entirely change how it looks, which is what we do on every Unpack Day, but things I can’t fit in the shop straight away will start to make an appearance on the Website.  It will be all go around here for the next little while.

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