13 September 2012

Do You Have Any Final Requests?

Random shot of things in
the shop because I like them
Only four sleeps until we head off on the second buying trip of 2012 so this is my last missive while in Australia for the next little while.  I’m so not looking forward to the flight – cattle class has little to recommend it – although this time we’re travelling with Thai and then Swiss Airlines so we’ll see how they shape up.  It’s been some years since we were last in Bangkok, which is where we’re stopping over this time, but it’s just a quickie stop over because the whole trip this time is just a quickie trip. 

People have been coming into the shop or emailing me about things they want me to look for while we’re away.  So are there any more Final Requests before we head off?  Just email me (or visit the shop) and I’ll either put you on my Search List or tell you you’re dreaming. 

Double-chambered French glass
soda syphon lamp - the shade
has stylized Fleur de Lis,
which is nice
So, last Blog you might recall that I complained long and loud about how difficult it can be to find stylish lamp shades but how I needed suitably stylish shades to do justice to the French soda syphons I had converted to lamps.  The very next day, after our morning beach walk, we visited One World at Noosa and walked away with a lovely shade for each lamp.  And better still, they were having a sale!
French Blue Glass Soda
Syphon Lamp with
Metal Casing
The last time I had a seriously good lamp base in need of a shade it was a converted Qing Dynasty vase with a gorgeous crackled turquoise glaze and which featured a swimming carp.  I loved it the moment I saw it, but Doug didn’t and instantly dubbed it Crappy Lamp.  That was until we visited One World and obtained exactly the right shade for it, and now he also likes it - although it will forever be known as Crappy Lamp.  And he liked Crappy Lamp sufficiently that he agreed that we should keep it, so it never made it into the shop.  The only reason why the double-chambered soda syphon lamp hasn’t stayed at our house is because we already have one.  It took four years to find another one like it, but eventually my hunting paid off and it looks excellent in the window.  I must say I have my eye on the blue glass syphon lamp, but we already have lots of really cool lamps at home so I’ll have to think about where I’d put it.
The battle commences ....
But sometimes the hot water bottle
fights back and gets on top ....

It has been just Calypso and Caleb coming into the shop in the lead up to the buying trip.  They are the two that need the most handling to be social, and Caleb in particular is still learning his name and also that there are Rules-That-Must-Be-Obeyed-Because-I-Said-So.  He is really grappling with this concept, but we’re getting there.  And the more time I can spend one-on-one with him, without him being distracted by some passing moggie who he could wrestle with and bite in the neck and who is more fun than me, the more responsive he is to doing as I bid.  
So then you must renew your attack ...
I know the cats will be spoilt rotten and allowed to run wild while we’re away, so it will be good if especially Caleb doesn’t find the whole idea of Rules entirely foreign by the time we get back.  They all tend to play up for a good week or so after we return from a buying trip, refusing to do what I say.  They look at me with a look that Doug has interpreted as I’m sorry, I don’t speak Maid as they turn tail on me and flounce off.  This attitude doesn’t withstand the Wrath of Me for very long, but they all try it on for a while.

It's exhausting ....
The latest rat-baggery from Caleb this week has involved my hot water bottle.  It doesn’t matter how cold it is, if I have warm feet I’m fine so I do like a nice hot water bottle on cool evenings.  And I recently purchased a fluffy striped fake fur hot water bottle cover that Caleb immediately seized as his favourite toy.   He’s been dragging it all over the house, which is quite a feat because it’s about the same size as him, so I have to do a search whenever I want to use it.  Last night I decided I needed warm feet and so collected the hot water bottle (this time under the bed) only to find that the little wretch had bitten holes in it!  He’s killed my hot water bottle!  Then this morning I caught him red pawed having a go at the replacement.

But you must fight on ...

It’s lucky for the rest of the Gang that cat skin is tougher than hot water bottle rubber.  When Caleb was a few weeks old we used to watch him play with his siblings, and he was always in the middle of huge wrestles and always on top.  Nothing has changed except the size of his opponents – he is constantly wrestling with someone and is always on top.  He went a paw too far recently when trying to evict Mischka from her favourite spot and was told in no uncertain terms to Sod Off.  So he can take a hint if it’s accompanied by a great deal of stiff-legged growling – much like most boys, I’m thinking.

And eventually Victory will be Yours.
Your stalking sucks, Caleb.  We can see you coming.

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