30 November 2012

We're Having an Antiques Sale!

We’re having a Sale! 
This is a big deal for us, because it’s our first ever sale.  Our pricing philosophy (go straight to the bottom line and have a lot of turn-over rather than the best possible profit) has served us well for the last 25 years.  We have happy customers who come back, and we get to go to Europe twice a year, so this approach works for everyone.  So yes, this Sale is going to cost us money.  But what the heck, it’s only for a short time and it’s Christmas and it’s a good way to market the Website.  Can’t say we’ll do it again any time soon, but meanwhile lots of things on the Website are now being offered at a 20% discount so feel free to have a look.

The sale only applies to the identified items on the Website, even if they are also currently in the shop.  To get the 20% discount you need to contact us (phone, email or enquiry form – all shown on the Contact Us page on the Website) because this is a Website Sale.  Then you can collect the item in person if you like, or we can post it to you.
   A vintage Stratton compact
on the Website this week
A vintage Kigu compact
on the Website this week

 Apart from our Sale, the news this week is that it should only be a few days until the ship with our new stock docks in Brisbane, and we can’t wait.  Meanwhile, we’re still putting out nice pieces of jewellery and good vintage images, but we’ll be doing that for some time to come.  We visited an upmarket kitchenware shop in Noosa this week to look at their copper pots and pans, and ha! they were tinny, light-weight and hideously expensive.  Vintage, baby, it’s the only way.  How fortuitous that we have a rather large selection arriving into the country real soon.
Caleb & Calypso hanging out together
We went to the movies this week to see the new James Bond movie and I must say he had more fun at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul than we did.  Daniel Craig is my favourite Bond, followed by Sean Connery.  For some years we’ve only seen movies on planes to and from Europe, so it was good to see one on a big screen and in a comfy seat and it re-enthused us for the whole movie-going experience.  I think we might go again next week.  I fancy seeing Argo, which seems interesting seeing how it’s based on a true story, and of course The Hobbit is a given as soon as it’s released.
Caleb just hanging out
During the time waiting for the new stock to arrive I’ve been concentrating on a bit of moggie instruction.  Both Calypso and Caleb’s training has been going well, and now they both immediately respond to the commands of Sit, Wait (until they can take the food), Okay (that they can take the food) and Hold My Hand – the cat equivalent of Shake Hands I suppose.  

Calypso has also mastered High 5 and is currently working on Lay Down.  Her and Caleb’s Lay Down are both pretty sucky, more like crouches, but they’ve both got the idea and will master it as we practice a bit more.  Klaatu and Mischka are the total stars when it comes to responding to commands, and they both also undertake spectacular leaps to snag tiny pieces of dry catfood out of the air when I throw them.  Artemis is not one bit food oriented and will do nothing more than Sit, Wait and Okay (under sufferance).  The training of all the moggies is fun for all of us, plus a good bonding exercise. 

Random picture of Calypso because she's beautiful - it is the lot of the
Super Model to be gawked at and photographed nonstop

Hopefully, next Blog I shall be able to give a date for Unpack Day for the new stock but in the meantime don’t forget to have a look at our Sale.

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