05 March 2013

Beautiful fabrics, expensive antiques & lots of rain

New on the website - French Art Deco
ceramic vase
We are so over the wet season, now.  Thank goodness Eumundi doesn’t flood, as so many other towns do, and at home we’re always safe and sound in the mountain stronghold.  If we start flooding at 200m above sea level the rest of you are in big trouble.  We had hoped for some fine weather so we could tidy the place up in preparation for the bank’s valuer visiting.  But of course he gave us less than 24 hours notice, and of course we weren’t ready.  The place hasn’t had a decent mow for ages because it’s been too wet, and the house is full of stock boxes that we’re still unpacking.  Plus it’s a framing workshop right now because we’ve sold so many pictures lately that some urgent framing was necessary.  All in all, not the best presentation for the bank dude. 

New on the website -
Amber glass butterfly tray
But we want to do something the bank doesn’t readily approve of – which is to borrow significantly less than they want us to borrow, and initially build to lock-up and then project manage the rest ourselves as we put together the funds to undertake different stages.  And doing something they regard as unorthodox requires Official Inspections, apparently.  I swear, it’s harder to borrow less than to borrow more!  But anyway, it’s done now so hopefully we can give the nod to the builder in the next little while.  And you all thought this would never happen.  Yea of little faith.

New on the website - Huntley & Palmer
vintage tin, Prunis design
Notwithstanding the bad weather, it’s again been an excellent week in the shop.  The copper wall is looking very sad and depleted, so I really must jolly Doug along to get some more cleaned up for me.  Jewellery is moving consistently, as it always does, but this week it’s also been French enamelware, Art Deco glass and some textiles.  Naturally, almost every thing I photographed for inclusion on the website this week has already sold in the shop, so I’ve had to drag the camera back out and try again.  We have no shortage of good stock to display, but I do wonder how all the customers know to buy the things I have just finished photographing for the website.  I find glass to be particularly hard to photograph effectively (in case you hadn’t noticed) but I shall make a concerted effort this week.
Artemis has been teaching Caleb the finer
points of stalking magpies.
Our enclosed verandah means that all birds
are safe, and the magpies know it and take
every opportunity to taunt the Gang. 
And the Gang loves it.
But while waiting for the copper and long lost stock from the shipping container to be unpacked, Doug dug out a big box of vintage kimono and sari fabrics that I packed away a few years ago.  They’re really lovely, mostly silk but also cotton and some silk/cotton blends, so I’ve spent a few days cataloguing some of it, ironing it and presenting it for sale.  I haven’t offered vintage textiles before other than the French linen we bring back from each buying trip, so we’ll see how it goes.
Four out of five moggies agree -
Magpies would make a Fine Lunch.
Meanwhile, we set off to look at the local antiques Fair on the weekend, probably the biggest in the region.  Yet again, I proved to be the world’s worst photojournalist by forgetting to bring my camera with me.  But there was nothing of note to photograph anyway.  This Fair is a fraction of the size of the big English and French Antiques Fairs, and yet it is so, so much more expensive.  Fancy having to go to Europe to find prices cheaper than Nambour!  By way of comparison, I have an amber glass plate in my shop that features fishes in the centre, and I have $22 on it.  At the Nambour Fair I saw the same plate for $82!  Get out. 
If only you could get to them!
As usual, Caleb breaks cover early and ruins
the stalk for everyone.
I always come away from that Fair very cranky at their prices, and now I’m starting to feel withdrawal about not going to Europe and attending some decent Fairs with decent prices, which normally we would be doing in the next few weeks.  I know it was part of the plan for 2013, but objectively planning for something and then actually doing it turns out to be harder than I was expecting.  I want to go to France!  But I also want to build the next bit of my house, so that wins.  Presuming that the bank will let us borrow a little rather than a lot, that is.
New in the shop, and soon on the website - vintage Japanese Kimono silk.
I'm very pleased with the beautiful textiles we are now offering, and we have a lot because
I've been buying them for years but not selling them until now,
so fingers crossed that they prove to be popular.


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