11 March 2013

Thwow Him to The Floorw*

New on the website - a rare original
cover from La Vie Parisienne
featuring a mermaid
It’s been another soggy week on the so-called Sunshine Coast, but finally the nights up on the mountain stronghold are starting to get a little chilly, and I much prefer to snuggle down than to slowly sweat to death of a night. But notwithstanding the bad weather sales in the shop were still excellent, so yet again we can’t complain. 
We had a bus tour visit us on Friday, and boy can those bus tourists shop fast!  A large crowd descended upon the shop, but it was all done and dusted within about 15 minutes.  No leisurely browsing for this lot, nosiree, just point and buy.  Calypso was a bit overwhelmed by all the sudden and considerable attention, to the point that I let her have my chair to escape all the patting and prodding.  We’re having another bus tour visit us this coming Friday, and I think I’ll have Caleb on duty instead.  Nothing phases Caleb – he’ll lick them all to death.

Calypso was much admired by the Bus Tourists.

Polly the Poodle came by for her occasional Saturday morning play date with Caleb this week, but things didn’t go so smoothly this time.  Caleb was thrilled to see her, and leapt off my desk to run to the door to greet her.  And she was glad to see him, and gave his ears a good washing.  But it was all downhill from there.  Caleb now feels comfortable enough with Polly to play with her the way he plays with Klaatu.  So that involved jumping on her back, slipping forward to grab her around the throat, judo-throwing her to the floor and then sitting on her, triumphant. 
Klaatu is considerably more robust than Polly the Poodle.
New on the website -
Art Deco girl with an admirer
Klaatu is always up for a bit of rough-housing and clobbers Caleb right back, which quickly descends into full-blown Wrestlemania, but once they’ve exhausted each other they curl up together for a snooze. But Polly didn’t get that she was meant to (try to) turn the tables on Caleb, and she didn’t want to play any more. She yelped and tried to run out the door, and only being on her leash stopped her short. But never run from Caleb, it just brings out the predator in him, so he immediately chased her and only being on his leash stopped his hot pursuit. Caleb really was just playing and no claws were involved, but poor Polly was shaking and needed to be picked up and given lots of comfort. I think we need to increase the size of Caleb’s play dates. If anyone has dog which is largish but very friendly to cats you’re welcome to visit the shop for a Saturday morning play date. But not too large – it is an antiques shop, afterall.
New on the website - American Matisse
Red Enamel on Copper Necklace
(Matisse is one of my favourite brands)
*And by-the-way, Python fans will have noticed that yet again I hark back to Monty Python for this week’s Blog title – so it really would be good if any mutt visiting for a Saturday morning throw down is called Roger (okay, Wodger).
But other things besides moggie play dates did occur in the shop this week, you know.  Sales again included lots of jewellery and French magazine covers and images, but also Roman, Medieval and Elizabethan antiquities, Art Deco glass and the vintage kimono and sari silks have turned out to be a bit of a hit.  I will try to create a textiles page for the website in the next week, so they can be seen more widely.

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