16 May 2014

Lunatic Decisions by TV Producers

Some of our glass glittering in the sun at the
Peregian Beach Market.  Look at that
blue, blue sky behind.
It’s official – we are now in Australia in real life and in the blogosphere.  So we’re back to talking in real time.

On return to Australia I discovered that the Producers of the TV show Aussie Pickers had been trying to contact me. 
As you might expect, it’s the Australian version of the original show, American Pickers.  In both shows a couple of guys tour the country, finding old things to buy in peoples’ sheds and garages, deceased estates and closed down shops.

These pieces are ready sold, but great enamelware
just like this will be arriving in our shipment soon.
At last, I thought, the shining truth of my media megastardomness has been recognized.  Finally, there are Producers with the immense good sense to make me rich and famous.  Mostly rich.

But no, I am rejected again. 

The producers weren’t interested in me and Doug at all, but our shed.  It’s true that our shed is full of great things.  Many of them have been there for some years and can take a bit of finding.  It’s exactly the type of treasure trove that a show like Aussie Pickers would love.

But they faced two problems: 

  • firstly, no-one gets to pick our stuff except us.  If someone is going to find a great thing at a bargain price in our shed, it’s going to be us.  That means if someone is going to be offered a great thing at a bargain price, it’s going to be you.
  • secondly, we share our shed with a variety of snakes, including a rather large and not always friendly python.  Mind you, having a presenter stick his excited little face in a box and emerge with a cranky python attached might make for interesting viewing. 

For everyone who has expressed an interest, this
is what a commercial metal meat press looks
like.  It is terrific for making terrines.  One 
arriving in Australia soon is long and rectangular
(like this one) and the other is square.
I told the Producers if they’d like to do a French version of the show, An Aussie Picking in France, I could take them to some amazing barns and sheds I know. 
But apparently their budget doesn’t extend to special French editions of the show.  And they have a couple of boofy blokes who front Aussie Pickers and they’re not keen on gender balance. 

I’ve now looked at the show on the internet, and claim a shopping ability every bit as good as these dudes – heck, somewhat better because I don’t buy junk.  And because I’m a gel.  Sorry chaps, but it has to be said – for the most part, gels are more experienced and vastly superior shoppers.

This is what the finished product looks like, in
this case accompanied by drunken figs.
French terrines - delicious!
The plate is one of our own, but we also have
beautiful plates arriving in the next shipment.
But now you’ll just have to take my word on that because of some lunatic TV Producer who only likes men.  And I mean that in the gruffest, blokey-est possible way, of course.

But no you won’t – you can visit our stand at the Peregian Beach Market or the Caloundra Street Fair and see for yourself.

So now I have been rejected by TV shows around the world, and shall remain unrich, unfamous and unloved by the masses.  Or, more likely, unheckled by the masses.  So maybe the cosmos actually has my back.

Anyway, thanks to Aussie Pickers, we decided to ransack the shed ourselves – taking the most readily accessible pieces first.  While we’re waiting for our new shipment to arrive we have run perilously low on stock, so an infusion of never-before-shown pieces will be just the ticket.

We have four of these Crown Devon
trios (cup, saucer, plate sets)
available.  Very Art Deco in design,
and only $24 each - that's a
gobsmacking bargain.

We started showing - and selling – the newly picked stock at the Caloundra Street Fair last Sunday.  But we have plenty more that I need to catalogue this week for its first-time presentation at the Peregian Beach Market this coming Sunday, 18 May.

Some bad news is that our part of the Peregian Beach Market has been closed, by order of the Council.  What a pity – we really liked our site, directly behind the beach. 

So we’re being moved to elsewhere in the Market, but won’t know where until we get there on Sunday.  If you’re planning on visiting us don’t worry, it’s not a big Market so you’ll find us soon enough. 

We’ll have our visitors’ chairs at the ready, you bring the TV crew.

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