20 June 2014

An unexpected development

This is a vintage Harrods tin.  Guess how
I know it's from Harrods?
Well here’s an interesting turn of events:
We have been offered the opportunity to open a Pop Up shop for a month, starting on 1 July.  It’s two doors up from our old shop in Eumundi, and somewhat bigger than our old shop.

Lucky we have 600kg of newly arrived stock, not to mention the stock already on hand.

So this is the plan:  for one month only, from Tuesday 1 July, on every day except Sundays (when we’ll be at the Markets) we will open Continuum Antiques, the Pop Up shop.

A selection of stock that will be making
its first appearance at Caloundra on
22 June.
Pop Up shops – short term shops - are quite common in the UK, although you don’t see them too often in Australia.  I’ve been thinking about opening one for a while, but the timing and location had to be right.  And now they are.

All of our prices will continue be wholesale, because our short term rent is reasonable – rather than delusional, as we used to have to pay.

So, dang, now we are way busy.  I was gently phaffing about, getting sufficient stock ready to display on a 3x3m Market stand each week.  Suddenly I have to fill a shop, and let me tell you that takes a lot of work.

Being a Pop Up means the shop is not going to look particularly glamorous, or even particularly well organized.  I think I’ll go for the colourful and interesting warehouse look.  And it is going to be way cheap.

Yeah, provenance is always a give-away
when it's written all over the side.  This
vintage tin reproduces a famous tiled design
over the entrance to Harrods' fabulous food hall.
So if you have a chance, come by to have a rummage and say hello to me and the Pop Up shop cat.  Yes, I shall be saddling up Calypso and Caleb (and Mischka, if she wants) to take their turns as shop cat again.  It’ll be fun!  Messy, chaotic, but fun.

In the meantime, we shall be taking our usual stand at the Caloundra Street Fair on Sunday 22 June, and again on Sunday 29 June.  Hope to see you there.

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