14 June 2014

The New Stock Has Arrived!

Some of the enamelware and wood I have
so far unpacked.  Lots and Lots more to come.
Okay, here is my quickest blog ever.  And that's because ....

Yes, we have collected the first part of our shipment.  Yay!  It didn't get released by Quarantine until yesterday, so we only had time to get the first few pallets and will collect the rest on Monday. 

You're getting a sneak peak of what Unpack Day looks like - not many people get to see this - the stock before it's been washed and waxed and otherwise tarted.
What you can't see are the boxes and boxes behind me, which I haven't even looked at yet.
But unpacking is just the beginning.  Next comes cleaning, waxing, cataloguing, description and price tags, repacking into shipping boxes, all by 4.30am tomorrow morning (15 June) so we can start presenting it at the Peregian Beach Market.
Yeah, no sweat.

The good news is that we have more than enough to start presenting fabulous new things tomorrow.  I'm planning on there being plenty of enamelware, the start of the wood - Jamie Oliver boards, a dough trough, a printer's tray or two, and a number of those really great giant textile spools.
Things like the beautiful linen and books haven't yet been collected, so they will make an appearance in Markets to come.

Is Quarantine appropriately careful
when opening our boxes to inspect
our stock?  You be the judge.
It's been a longer and more frustrating than usual wait for Quarantine to get their act together.  And you can see just how careful they are with our stock - just ripping apart boxes of glass and ceramics. 

Why isn't it possible to simply slit open the sealing tape and leave the box in a fit state for us to transport home and then store while we unpack?  Your guess is as good as mine.
Okay, back to work for me.  If you're able to visit us at Peregian Beach Market tomorrow, you will see the start of the new shipment.  We will be in yet another new location at the Market, but our stand is going to look great and you won't be able to miss us.

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