04 July 2014

Can selling at wholesale prices work? Well, yes.

Caleb cooperating momentarily
with a press photographer.  Not his
best angle, but the best that could
be managed given his naughty behavior.
It's official that our Pop Up shop is the only antiques shop in the country selling at wholesale prices direct to the public.  Yay for not having massive expenses!  Everyone is happy, and we've been selling well every day.
Day Three saw Caleb recommence managerial duties and he was one unhappy vegemite, let me tell you.
I had Calypso in for Days One and Two, and again here today for Day Four.  After some initial hesitancy in a new environment, she quickly remembered that she loves being Shop Manager.  When she isn’t lounging around on my lap, she’s been striking I’m-drop-dead-gorgeous poses for her new legions of fans to photograph.  She won’t sit still for me to photograph her today, though.  If I’m in range, I’m there to be sat on.
But Caleb wanted none of that.  He’s two years old now, and for the last year has enjoyed running amok, being entirely indulged and more-or-less his own boss.  I knew that something had to be done to bring him into line, but unless I physically chain him to me it’s hard to find the time needed to impose the discipline he needs.
We provide a one-stop coffee service - you can
have a fabulous French coffee grinder, followed
by a fabulous Italian stove-top coffee maker.
We even have the espresso cups and saucers.
But now I have time and the chain.  So it was on.
When he was a baby and first came to our old shop, for the first little while there were nonstop tantrums and pussycat meltdowns when he realized he had to do as I say and not as he wanted.  And it was loud – way loud – but kind of cute having this very assertive Alpha kitten screech his lungs out while telling me off.

But now he weighs 7kg, and his screeching also includes a good selection of deep, guttural growls and bare-your-fangs-and-look-like-you-mean-it snarls and hisses. 

Royal Worcestor is an extraordinarily good
English ceramics brand.  This blue dragon
cake plate dates to about 1940 and is $35.
But guess what?  I weigh more than 7kg – how rude of you to wonder just how much more – and I’m not one bit scared of screeching or growling or hissyfit snarling.  Plus I had tasty bribes in my arsenal and a determination to outlast one petulant pussycat.

So in the end Caleb settled down on the bed I made for him on my desk, and decided he wanted to be a good boy afterall.  Once we establish that he really is a good boy and this isn’t a cunning plan designed to lure me into prematurely trusting him, he will be allowed more freedom to sit where he wants.  Until then it’s My Shop – My Rules. 

This is a large floral embroidery on one of
the giant French linen sheets that have started
to come into the Pop Up shop from today.
In addition, it has a white embroidered
monogram & a ladder-stitched border.  It's $100.
The dimensions are 200cm x 296cm -
just how tall are you?
It’s good for boys of all species to learn that the primary female in their lives is She Who Must Be Obeyed At All Times.  It’s something Caleb grew used to ignoring (I wonder where he learned that, Doug?) so our time together will be good for both of us.  Having an out of control 7kg Bengal isn’t good for anyone.

The Editor of the local Eumundi newspaper came by to welcome us back to town and get some photos of me and the shop.  Naturally, I was having a bad hair day – all that lovely straightened hair I got in Bangkok the trip before last is growing out so it’s back to unruly curls and frizz.  But Caleb was looking beautiful and for once kind of cooperated with a photographer, so hopefully it will be him and not me staring out of the pages when it’s published.
Calypso will usually strike a pose for a
photograph, but today if I'm in range I
must be sat on.

Today it’s back to me and Calypso, and after his practice run yesterday Caleb will make his first grand appearance as Shop Manager tomorrow (5 July) for the Saturday Market Day in Eumundi.  Polly the Poodle is coming in for a reunion visit, so it should be fun.  Or a fur-flying disaster.  We’ll see.
If you'd like to see more photos of the stock we're bringing in, you can visit our Facebook page, Continuum Antiques.  
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