15 July 2014

Popping Up is Tiring but Fun

Emerald green poison bottles are
always popular.  The colour, the
ribbing and the Not To Be Taken
message stamped on them made
it as clear as possible to the
pharmacist to be careful when
handling the contents.  These days,
interior decorators love them for
their gorgeous jewel colour.
I’m exhausted. 
Who knew that working seven days a week would suck so much?  Actually, it’s not exactly sucky – things are going exceedingly well – but for someone used to phaffing about it’s quite tiring not being able to loll about at will.

Still, only two weeks to go.  Today marks the half-way point in the Pop Up shop, and we are very happy and very amazed at how well it’s been going.  We are bringing in new things to restock the shelves every day, so I’m very happy I bought so much on our March buying trip.

I think I can safely predict there is no prospect that masses of beautiful, colourful French enamelware I bought, that was meant to last us until December, will last until then.  And wow, I bought over 100 pieces of enamelware – you might recall from my blogs in March/April how I thwarted sundry American dealers to get my hands on so much good stuff.

This is a 1927 reproduction of
Degas' famous Dancers in Blue.
I'm cataloguing this and other
vintage pictures to present in the
Pop Up shop later this week.
But good stuff, at wholesale prices, sells very well it turns out.  So I’ll have to go hunting again.  And with the right location, the right landlord (not a delusional one) and the right timing we will definitely do a Pop Up shop again.

I know I’m not very chatty lately, but I’ve been busy unpacking, cleaning, waxing, polishing, cataloguing, describing & pricing things every day.  So this is just a quickie update today.

I’m currently working on cataloguing some vintage French advertisements, covers and images, and today I brought out the three fabulous French flower and fruit drying racks I was so happy to find (see my blog from 26 April 2014 for just how pleased I was, and why) - and sold them all today.
I have only 3 lead-light windows left.  This one
has a beautiful rich red and cobolt blue
centre.  It's from Kent, and at $52 is less than
half the price I used to charge in my retail shop.

Yet more enamelware has to make an appearance – there has barely been a day when we haven’t sold enamelware, and the last of the round, wooden Jamie Oliver boards will be out this week.  We’ve already sold out of the big dough troughs, and I have only three round boards to go.  There are more big, rectangular Jamie Oliver boards to come, mostly because I haven’t gotten around to waxing them and bringing them to the shop yet, but I’ll get there.
If you have a chance, you can visit my Facebook page for updates every few days of what I'm featuring.  Try this link - even if you don't have a Facebook account it should work - or just go to Continuum Antiques. 

I have a great selection of Midwinter ceramics out in the Pop Up shop.  Midwinter is my favourite mid-20th century pottery.  The spotty cups and saucers are called Red Domino, the Zebra striped are called Zambesi, and the coffee pot is Graphix.  The black cups with spotted saucers are interlopers by Meakin, but still nice.

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