11 December 2014

The Benefits of Going Topless

The view from our new spot at Peregian.

Well here’s a new development.  Through some dark magic, involving no intervention by me, it suddenly appears that you are able to subscribe to the Blog again.  Yay for dark magic!  So if you want to subscribe you go right ahead, and hopefully future missives will just appear in your intray.  Fill in your email address in the 'Follow by Email' field on the right, and we’ll see what happens.

So, in the spirit of writing a little bit often, rather than nothing for ages and then hitting you with a great long missive, here is this week’s little bit:

It was back to the Peregian Beach Market last Sunday.  What a charming market that is.  And now we have been moved into our Forever Spot, which is on the main walkway to the beach, so we have sand under our feet and a nice ocean view.  And it turns out to be the pretty boy corner of the market in terms of the vendors, so again it’s a nice view.

Ab-Man working it with the girls.   

One of the lads really works his charms with the ladies, and it’s depressingly effective.  After setting up his stand the first thing he does is take off his shirt, revealing what must be said are quite impressive abs.  And the girls come flocking.  When I say girls, I mean girls of all ages – even matronly types get all giggly and girly around him.  It’s revealing in more ways than one – the power of a good looking person to lay on the charm and in doing so generate sales. 

There is a coffee seller at the Caloundra Street Fair whose sales are directly impacted by what his trusty (and ample) assistant wears to work.  When she’s wearing a va-va-voom top, sales spike.  When she’s all demure, sales are about normal.  That’s sad people.  And when I say people, I mean men.  Eyes on the coffee cups boys, not the D cups.

Italian End-of-Day glass fish.

Still, I can’t be too holier-than-thou about this when I’ve been enjoying the view from my new spot at the Peregian Beach Market.  Not that I bought anything from Ab-Man.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve withstood the charms of countless flirtatious Frenchmen trying to sell me something that I have developed an immunity to Ab-Man’s efforts. 

He can flaunt his muscular, brown body, damn fine abs, charming, slightly roguish smile, and tousled surfer hair all he likes.  Really, all he likes.  But it will take more than that to part me from my cash.  Still, I encourage him to keep trying.

A selection of jewellery at Collective Haus.
The news this week is that we have put a jewellery cabinet in a nice little antiques shop in Yandina, on the Sunshine Coast.

It’s called Collective Haus, and it’s in an old church building.  It sells a bit of everything, but Suzy the owner has thing for vintage fashion and there are plenty of affordable and nice pieces.  So I figured that vintage French jewellery might be a nice complement to her stock.

Gus is sweet but not as cool as a Bengal.
We might put a bigger cabinet in Collective Haus in due course, but we’ll start with the jewellery and see how it goes.  I have a great collection from our last buying trip, and I only offer a few pieces at Peregian Beach Market, so this venue will allow me to offer a bigger selection.  

It’s a nice shop, with an adjoining coffee shop, and worth visiting.  Doesn’t have a shop cat but you will be greeted by Gus, the friendly little shop dog.  He’s sweet but not as cool as Caleb and Calypso – but then, who is?

In terms of the markets, we're at the Caloundra Street Fair this coming Sunday (14 December),  and then one more stand at Peregian on 21 December and that will be it before Christmas.  If you come to visit, we promise to not take off our shirts.

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