26 July 2012


Some of the French enamelware new in the shop this week
Not a lot to chat about this week, because it’s been a steady slog of putting more things out and keeping up with gaps on the shelves.  Having said that, it’s always interesting how every single week in the shop is so different, and you just can’t predict what will sell.  Last Wednesday I had made only made two sales by 1.45pm.  Things were looking grim, for no apparent reason.  But then heaps of people descended upon us, and I was running from pillar to post and in the last two hours of the day it turned into an excellent selling day.  What was that about?  This Wednesday was pretty similar, with a few sales early but nothing to get too excited about until the moment that I was left alone in the shop – then whammo, people came out of the woodwork so I was trying to discuss items with people and wrap and keep an eye on everything – including Calypso and her usual entourage of admirers.  It’s always easier when the selling is well paced rather than nothing, nothing, nothing, then suddenly everyone turns up at once and want to be shown things at the same time.  Pace yourselves, people!
Some of the Stoneware new in the shop this week

The last of the Victorian and Edwardian stoneware came out this week, and is being well received.  I’ve put a small amount on the website, and have already sold a couple of pieces.  In the shop we’ve done a Downton Abbey kitchen window, with the stoneware, copper, a few pieces of this week’s new French enamelware for splashes of colour, and various other kitchen accessories.  Looks good.  I tried to photograph it, but I don’t have a wide enough angled lens to get the full effect.  But trust me, it looks good and already people are stopping and lingering for a look.  You know you’ve done a good window when it stops people as they’re walking past and they then stay for a while.  Even better when it draws them into the shop.

This week's Dresser display
Top of one of my favourite
vintage tins in the shop
So now the shop is pretty well as full as I can make it, and I can’t bring out new things until I shift a few of the current items.  Having said that, I brought out the first of the cool French grape buckets on Wednesday and sold it that day, and now have the second one reserved for someone coming for it on Saturday.  That means I’ll have one left, so I will just find some room somewhere for it.  I expect it will sell as quickly as all the other metal and wire ware baskets, so I won’t have to find room for long. 

Lid of my other favourite vintage
tin in the shop
My photos this week are mostly a random selection from around the shop, because I’ve got plenty to choose from at the moment.  The last of the children’s’ china is now out, and what charming pieces they are.  Children’s pieces are hard to find in excellent condition and what I found on the last buying trip has sold pretty quickly after coming out.  These last pieces are quite cute, so someone will love them.

Child's Cup
Child's Plate
I am the walking wounded this week, thanks to an encounter with Calypso.  We were playing with each other for control over a cardboard box when she suddenly leapt forward and slashed the back of my hand.  I know she was only playing, but I do not have the cat skin of her normal worthy opponents so blood was drawn.  I squawked and she dashed off, so technically I won control of the box and was thus the winner.  It just didn’t exactly look that way, as blood dripped down my hand.  But I was the winner.  I was!  And she immediately returned for a big schmoozy cuddle, so I was a magnanimous winner at that.  I wanted to include a photo to show what an amazing spread she has when she flexes her claws, but I couldn’t get a shot that suitably portrayed my pain and suffering.  She’s 10 months old and her claw flex is 2.5 inches wide, which is impressive for a little gel.

Old ceramics & old glass on old wood
And in my weekly quest to get a decent photo of Mischka, you can see that I have given up this time and just taken a shot of her snoozing on the job.  It’s the only time she sits still, so maybe I’ll just end up with a collection of Mischka In Repose  pictures.  I had to laugh when I heard part of a Kipling poem this week, because it sums up Mischka’s attitude to cooperating with me on the photo front:  Shan’t-Can’t-Don’t-Won’t.  I like this quote so much I am going to share it with Mischka to make it my own personal motto for a while.  It used to be I want it all and I want it now, but then I matured and it became Give me what I want and no-one gets hurt but I think it’s time for another change.  I shall be ornery before my time, and why not?  I will because I said so.

As close as Mischka gets to cooperating for a photo

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