18 December 2012

Our New Stock of Antiques Has Arrived

New stock - Polish red enamel double boiler, c1930

This will be short and sweet because I’m hugely busy today.  And that’s because it's Unpack Day!  Yay!  Yes, the new stock has arrived and it’s great.  We’re very happy with it. 
New stock -
Midwinter 'Festival' Dinner Plate, c1953 

Yet again it turns out that I’ve bought a lot of lovely vintage glass, but what can I say?  I like lovely vintage glass.  There is also a larger than usual amount of French enamelware, and heaps of French metalware (potato baskets, oyster baskets, grape baskets).  I don’t see these metal items every trip, so I buy up when I can.  The rest of the French vintage magazine images and advertisements are also here, and on that front I did the best buying I’ve ever done.
And how many vintage tins can one girl buy in one go? A lot, turns out to be the answer. Fortunately, plenty of people like to use lovely old biscuit and cake tins for general storage just like I do, and those people will be well supplied.
Caleb snoozing in the sunshine, having an easier time than us on Unpack Day.

And there’s loads more.  The shop will look completely different by the time we open on Wednesday, and I’ll start to put a selection of new stock onto the website as soon as I can.

New stock - Art Nouveau Deep Amethyst Carnival Glass Bowl, c1910


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