27 December 2012

Headless Chooks & Butt-Faced Men

New on the website - French
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We’re now into the second week of the new stock, and it’s going great guns.  We are being totally hammered.  Hurrah!  We’re opening multiple new boxes every day and still there are gaps on the shelves because we can’t keep up.  Lucky we bought so much.  But getting things unpacked and properly presented for sale takes longer than you might think, so we’re dashing about like headless chooks.

In addition, the Night Markets on Friday nights at Eumundi have turned out to be enormous for us. We brought Caleb in as the Night Manager last Friday and he played up merry hell, which was an issue with so many customers to be dealing with. And seeing how I suspected we’d have a busy day on the Saturday before Christmas (and we did) I couldn’t risk bringing him so he missed his play date with Polly the Poodle. Klaatu - Mr Reliable - was in the Chair instead, and while he is pleasant to Polly and always happy to rub noses with her, he’s certainly not interested in losing any dignity by playing with her. So we’re trying again with Caleb next Saturday, and Calypso can be the Friday Night Manager.
Caleb turned 7 months old this week and reckons he's a big boy now and I'm not the
boss of him.  To which the answer is No you're not, and yes I am.  He's still coming
to terms with that.
New on the website - French
Magazine Cover
We always know that we’ve got Things of Interest in the window when we come into the shop and find major hand and finger (and sometimes nose, ew!) marks all over the windows.  Yesterday there was a seriously big mark, and if it wasn’t so high up we would have sworn it was buttock-shaped.  Doug said he saw a dang ugly dude with his face against the window, so maybe it was him.  I advocate looking through my windows with your eyes rather than various appendages, but as I say the marks on the windows are always a good indicator of interest in what’s being featured so there is a positive side.  Especially since it’s not me who has to go and clean off the sticky remnants of various browsers.  And it gives Doug something legit to complain about (not that he needs it to be legit).

New on the website -
Anglia Pottery Owl
I wanted to put out our excellent French metal plant stand in the window soon, but made the mistake of bringing out the French terracotta pots first and they’ve been walking out the door.  So by the time I get the plant stand out I’m unlikely to have any pots left to put on it.  They’re lovely antique pots, but I didn’t expect them to sell this quickly.  Then again, I didn’t expect the giant panchons to sell so quickly either and they’re both gone already – before I could photograph them for the website.  Plus the very cool 1960s retro table that was going to feature in the window has gone, and a good number of the vintage tins and tonnes of glass.  In fact, most things I’ve been photographing for the website each week are selling before I can get them on the website, but hey I’m not complaining and I’ve got lots and lots of good things so I’ll just photograph faster from now on.
Mischka loves to be in the middle of everything.  This is her helping to make the bed,
supervising from the middle of the bed, of course.

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